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Construction Update

Spring is just around the corner, so is the opening of Bella Vista Gardens!

Watching the different stages of a major building project is not only exciting, it’s extraordinary to see how much happens in such a short amount of time. It is incredible to think ADCO Construction commenced in March 2015.

The building is watertight, an impressive feat considering the phenomenal amount of rain we received in early June. Internally the finishes are progressing well. Tiling of the bathrooms has passed the halfway mark, painting is progressing well and the prototype display suite is finished.

The external fa├žade work is ongoing with the wooden cladding and copper eaves (photo attached). The retaining walls of the planter boxes along the northern boundary is nearly ready for the landscape architect.

New street lights on Fairway Drive have been installed and the main service connection is imminent.

The prototype custom designed furniture is in production. The style, whilst modern and crisp, still emulates warmth and comfort.